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We are the jews dude. Where do you think the name (((Nazarov))) comes from? Trust the plan.

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Took out a loan against my boomerfund and need some more cheap stink.

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I am a racist and I hold Chainlink. And I know I'm not the only one. I first heard of this smartcontract middleware project when posting in Stormfront. We were brain-STORMING (pun intended) some ideas that we nazis could use to undermine women and minorities and some intelligent anon brought up investing in the project and became the most upvoted idea. What does Chainlink have to do, at all, with opressing women and minorities you may ask? Well, I will explain to you in a way even a pathetic, weak and stupid female would understand, so you better be grateful here:

Because of the inefficiency of modern day contract enforcement, generally dominated by slow and inefficient government owned courts, in the last decades modern society has seen a huge explosion in the number of people employed as white collar workers. The stereotypes about white collar workers, all of them, are absolutely true. They are lazy pieces of shit, doing non-essential make-work while browsing their phones, maybe doing an hour or two at most or real work in the entire day. This is the context in which women entered the "work"force in masse. Women can't do real jobs. Well, maybe 10% can do something useful, but most of you only strut around in air conditioned offices like you're the hottest shit in the world, while men still do 95% of the work.

So... what is going to happen to all that unnecessary administrative bloat? Thanks to our man Sergey Nazarov the days of you paper pushers, lawyers and other parasites are numbered. Within a decade all these jobs will almost be gone. Smart contracts will make all of you go back into the kitchen, where you should have always been because there won't be a Jew megacorp willing to waste its money in hiring you when NEET nodes will do it for a fraction of the price.

Chainlink, the currency for a bright future where women will be oppressed and niggers curb stomped into extermination!


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strap in, goys

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Haha fuck you

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Unironically going to sleep now and expect to miss the release by several hours
> Fundamentally decentralized

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strap in, goys

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>Sergey is the CEO of SmartContract.com and Chainlink which specialize in providing highly secure and reliable oracles to both large enterprises (SWIFT) and various leading smart contract development teams (Zeppelin, OpenLaw, MARKET Protocol).

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Good moning, my name is Sergei Nazaroberg.

I'm a 27 year old blockchain developer and project founder (also crypto investor for you normies). I buy Bitcoin and Litecoin in Coinbase, and spend my days perfecting my investing and day trading in superior chinese exchanges. (Binance, Huobi, etc)

I check and manipulate Chainlink's price every day, this superior altcoin can overperform all the chink scams you will ever buy in and give me a thousand times my money back, and is vastly superior to any other shicoin on earth. I verified my Bitfinex account two years ago, and I have been getting better every day.

I speak Japanese fluently, both Kanji and the Osaka dialect, and I write fluently as well. I know everything about Satoshi Nakamoto and his original point of view for Bitcoin, which I follow 100%

When I get my golden-plated Lamborghini by exit-scamming internet autists, I am moving to the Seychelles to flee the tax collectors and hitmen that will be sent after me. I hope I can survive long enough to see the singularity happen!

I own several failed projects, which I've abandoned halfway the job and swept under the rug. I want people to forget them before I start the next project, so I can scam autists out of their NEETbux easier. I bow to more experienced con artists and speak Chinese to them as often as I can, but rarely does anyone manage to respond.

Wish me luck in this hustle!

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This is correct. Linkies don’t understand that Chainlink serves as the perfect pnd for telegram channels. The “singularity” meme is engraved in their brain so hard to the point where a 1 cent price difference upwards causes mass fomo to all influenced by it whether they’re the “haven’t finished accumulating” linklets or plain ol’ nolinkers. Ez money to be had ain’t it?

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why's his belly so thicc?

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you know it's going to dump, you know it just like anyone else
why not "risk it"
it's bear market, it won't pump

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strap in goys

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What a JEW.

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I'm daytrading EOS right now with 50% of my portfolio ($50,000)

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Everyone's been wanting to do that for years. You're not the only one who wants to give the middle finger to the ISP's.

The question is WHICH PROJECT will actually deliver and achieve mass adoption. There's many out there and some have been going on for many years.
In my opinion, if any of these projects ever make it at all, it will be the one who actively targets businesses as their customers, promising lower server costs, not the ones who try to pander to the normie masses into adopting it. First you make it convenient for the corps, then they make it convenient for the sheep. Same as internet until Iphones came in.

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Use that $200 to buy a real phone (((Android))) and then you can do it faggot

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*Dai is decentralized, tether is not

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Oh did the Ari jules co-author their whitepaper too?
And did they get the facebook engineer on their advisory board?

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I want to know the same thing but I know my credit is terrible. :(


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i wasn't around for the 'digibyte marines', but I heard it went like loink is going now.
at what price was digibyte shilled here? what was EOY? to compare with LINK and calculate a realistic price

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>In other words, books like The Hobbit are not necessarily supposed to inspire trips to far-flung lands, but rather to restore the freshness of familiar surroundings right in front of our faces. Once you discover this doorway to realms beyond, you’re able to see the world through a mythological lens, and find that there are hidden dimensions even within the walls of one’s hobbit hole. Once you’ve been there and back again, your perspective is forever changed; you begin to see things as they really are. Everything from the view outside your apartment to your commute to work can become more meaningful, even magical.
>That Tolkien could step through this threshold whenever he desired, his otherwise bourgeoisie lifestyle notwithstanding, is what set him apart from other “hobbits.” And it is what accounts for his obliviousness to the allure of physical travel. As one of his biographers put it, “his imagination did not need to be stimulated by unfamiliar landscapes and cultures”; that he could simply sit down at his desk and immediately begin exploring the terrain of Middle-earth explains why he “did not altogether care very much where he was.” For Tolkien, his domestic routine, no matter how familiar, remained perennially fresh.
>Tolkien’s immersion in his imagination did not represent an escape from reality, but a reacquaintance with it. He saw clearer than most the way in which even the most ordinary life is filed with epic quests, wrenching conflicts, and the heroic choice between courage and compassion, and greed and selfishness. So that despite the “narrow” scope of his life, one cannot help feeling it was far more expansive than those who fill their Instagram profiles with photos of their globe-trotting travels.
>What Tolkien understood is that when it comes to life’s most important journeys — quests of spirituality, self-discovery, and self-mastery — location is irrelevant.


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