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>but it's not something to be crying about opportunity literally stares at you and you be like uhoh I'm so depressed because she has more money :((( WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE NIGGGGGAAAAAAA

Because most people don't understand how wealth is generated. They always think it's by one person getting lucky or "just working hard" without ever taking account the insane value of familial support or mentorship.

Now that I've typed this out, I realize now how important it is that if you want to level a race and keep it in a gutter, you destroy its family structure.

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I'm sorry anon. I had a post typed up berating you for even considering selling your stinkies. But I realize this is your desperate plea for help. Looks like you'll have to bite the bullet. At least it happened now and not when you made it. Godspeed anon.

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I thought we already knew this via Red Date.


Guys keep up, you're on /biz/. You should know these things before the rest of the world knows.

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>But there is truly no use in life for economics. The book in the OP is a collection of hackneyed trivia amounting to nothing.

The connection between abortions and crime rates is a big deal as there were previously no formal studies to show the link between the two (less access to abortions -> more unwanted children -> neglect/abused kids -> troubled youths turning to crime) that could be used to help influence policy makers' decisions.

These economic connections are useful but most people aren't in the position to make good use of them.

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You'd rather your politicians put up a front and say the same shit but in private?

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You certainly aren't being humble. Reread this entire topic from a perspective of an outsider; some guy makes a nice sum of money, and then spends most of it and is now on a business forum of 4chan, asking how to make money again so he doesn't have to work (the goal of just about everyone here). 4chan, being 4chan, rags on him for making poor investment decisions, more specifically the LACK of making any investment decisions with his previous sum, and so he lashes back calling them all poor and flaunting his and his family's wealth but still wants people to tell him what to do make more money.

Do you not see the problem with this? Stop defending your choice to live a luxurious traveling life and acknowledge it was poor investment decision so the discussion can move forward.

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How many of us here, who frequent a nationalist Caribbean Lobster Smoking anonymous image board can handle a girl like OP's pic related? She'll run right over me, that's for sure. I rarely go out and would rather spend my time reading shitposts here or playing games while girls like that will turn into pixie dust if they don't get the spotlight probably at least 3 days out of the week (spitballing here, you guys can correct me).

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Oh my God anon, this was the worst time to do such a thing. Between Mainnet already launching and the Oracle presentation in 2 weeks you were already in a precarious disposition. I wish I knew what to tell you.

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>America is currently in 8 unauthorized unconstitutional wars.

Yemen (this is still going on?)
Syria (this is still going on?)

If you consider a trade war against China a war
If you consider cyber espionage against Russia

What all am I missing?

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