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You can a dirty Pajeet made this cringe image.

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based high iq anons
kek, brainlets

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people seem to have trouble wrapping their heads around the walled garden aspect of CBDCs and how XRP will be used to allow seemless conversion from one CBDC to another by leveraging liquidity pools of retail XRP trading. i mean, i suppose its a little complicated, but its not THAT hard of a concept if even a brainlet like me can understand it...

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>HBAR narrative gets destroyed
>HBAR shills delete the thread
check it out

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Amen fren. “ We the fed now “ I like that kekeke

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>tfw biz is sleeping on future top2 coin

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>Ok, so your argument is that for some weird reason people will suddenly choose got use a small clonecoin shitcoin LTC to exchange to Monero instead of BTC? And what would be the reason to do that exactly?

Because it's already a thing lol.

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desperate tezzie bagholder is back

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Now I might have to even reconsider my $25 per matic target .

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Thanks for the shares faggot

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This, yugiohfaggot eternally btfoed

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We aren’t buying bcs only BAO is the next BAO as simple as that.

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Don't be a moron. If you hold you haven't lost anything.

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Crypto and btc are probably the safest bet IMO equities are wayyy overpriced. The paper PM market is sooo manipulated it’s not even funny. And good luck getting ur hands on a large quantity of physical gold or silver. Real estate can only go up sooo much bcs of affordability. At the end of the day people need one house or one apartment to live and if u are charging smthg they can’t afford then ur house is just gonna sit empty. That leaves us with only crypto . I’m not even kidding

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Dump that chink garbage.

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My reef stack

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Too late I sold

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Market taking a dump, but oil bros are sitting green and comfy

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I think i might know a little bit about real estate. While He isn’t larping about his $25,000 commission (which is not a lot in terms of realtors commission btw) realtors selling high end properties make A LOT more . He. Just can’t sell a property every day. It takes work to get a listing especially in hot markets. Now let me bust ur bubble with ur baby commission. People 6 figures to get tenants in commercial properties. And also crypto fags make 6 figures in minutes trading with leverage. It’s very risky yes and u can loose ur ass off yes but also u can make it. Last thing: $25,000 is lunch money for commercial real estate investors

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