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VIX? Ha ha yeah we short that shit around here. Literary free money

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as soon as my account isnt PDT restricted anymore I will.

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you limited to five(5) shares of a stock per month. choose wisely.

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Aurora Colorado. 5 min walk to transit for my IT tech job. Dont even have a car, not sure id want one in this neighborhood anyway. If the housing market fails though my job might too because its in the same sector. Although they tell me even a great depression wouldent make me lose my job. Thats really why I'm here, they just handed it to me with a 50% pay bump from what I was doing previously and deep down I know its gotta be too good to be true, mane. Ehole thing felt like out of the 50's where you just give the boss a firm handshake. This was my 3rd time applying for this job here. They said prev employees were internally promoted... Just feels too good to be true.

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if i had to choose one album to take on a desert island with me it would be:
bohren & der club of gore
sunset mission

my gift to you and to xsg, enjoy:

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Don’t sweat it. All of our lives’ stories have the same ending.

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Don’t you want to see how the Great Reset, mRNA Injections, NWO rollout occurs? We are living in the most amazing time in modern history; the beginning of the Revelations and the Apocalypse. Stick around to see how it plays out; that’s what i am doing.

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So what?

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There are plenty of retiree only trailer parks down south that ain’t that bad. No shoveling snow either. You get what you deserve.

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I overdid it though. All my investment capital into Xerpies at $1 average because my wife wants to be stay at home mom after developing and strong and stable career for over a decade. Just changed her mind and now I have to replace her income like a fucking Wizard conjuring magic brooms out of my ass. The SEC case was supposed to be done by now and we were supposed to have replaced swift already. Unless Ripple burns the escrow, I’m fucked. Thinking of the newcomers outstacking me at a 70% makes me seethe and dilate. Shows what loyalty gets you in todays world, bupkiss.

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But what if we like smol tiddy?

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He just wants us to remember to let things go when it’s time to do so. My life has been more of a tragedy than a comedy, so I remember we all end up with the same ending, and I feel better.

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Now that you know you have nothing left to lose, you are totally free. Congratulations.

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SCI & CSV. Thank me later.

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Because he implemented policy that soft killed over 70% of the UK’s population. The vaxxies are on borrowed time.

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Yes, it will only be getting worse. The Tyranny we grew up with will look like Sunday School compared to what is coming, at Warpspeed thanks to Trojan Horse Trump, Garlinghouse, XRP and the fully monitored and controlled Blockchain. Techno-Neo-Feudalism or Death are the only dishes on the menu.

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Indeed. This whole fucking program is a Rich Man’s Rat Maze for us. Play or don’t play, it’s your choice. But in the end, it’s all the same.

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Same. Gotta see how the movie plays out. If it turns out to be a Zombie Movie, it will all have been worth it.

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What are your qualifications to make such a statement?

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Same. Wish the glowies would stop trying to feed the anti-bike retards or that they'd stop falling for it but whatever.

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You inherit $250,000 from your grandma, you make 28k a year as a manual labor worker

How would you use that money to never wage slave again? Realistically with no risky plays

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