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So my car shit the bed 2 weeks ago(Jatco CVTs are a bitch) and now I have a different used car. I didnt have the new registration card and sticker for said broken car, so I couldnt trade it in.
>Inb4 sell an unpopular broken shitbox no one wants on craiglist
I applied for a auto loan for a credit union, but got rejected. I apparently had a good credit score + I paid off the other car so my interest rate is 5% for the in house financing which is surprising since I figured I would have to haggle for something lower than 10%.
Im looking to refinance my car with the same or another credit union for a better rate, plus I want to lower my payments by trading in the other car and putting the money towards that. Problem is my income is shit atm because my hours are retardedly low for work , but should double by EOM to something reasonable.
So how should I go about doing this?
>Try to refinance ASAP before trade in
>Wait to trade in the refinance right after I get the money
>Wait until hours increase + hold onto trade in money then refinance
Also, my credit score went down 20 points for the hard inquiry for the auto loan, but I paid off 2 credit cards and shot up 43 points a week after so theres that to consider too even though its scraping by at 713 right now.

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Based sleazecore poster. Hard to believe all of the inspo from picrel originated from our threads on /fa/ years ago.

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I would like to see the racial profile of those in control of our country's most powerful financial and media institutions. Where could I find this information?

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If there were no money printing or inflation, what would the stock market look like? Would it be stable? Still learning about how economics works in general, but it seems like when I make 7% on a stock, the source of that wealth is ultimately the average joe whos wage is on the wrong side of inflation.

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This one's my fave

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Fuck it, I just FOMO'd into FET

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now get kraken

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