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I just made 2 LINK swing trading. That's 2K in a single day. Any wagies want to be my personal slave for $100 per day?

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I just made 3 LINK swing trading. That's a minimum of $3k at the EOY.

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>what do you think of Kleros? l
haven't looked into them
I'm working on staking edgeware right now:

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linkpool pays out in link itself
you can easily throw the numbers out on an excel sheet and punch in some projections to evaluate it for yourself

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A unique situation is brewing with chainlink, but you need to account for the brainlet mindset to see it.

1) The sentiment on altcoins is really low. All "altcoins" must be scams. It does not matter that chainlink is a totally different network with a totally different value proposition.

2) Understanding chainlink requires a bit of IQ. most people just don't have the intelligence to buy it on fundamentals alone. They need market confirmation and much higher prices before they buy and hold an "altcoin" long term. Right now the market is very alt hostile since 99% of market brainlets are six feet underwater in their shitcoins.

3) 40% of the top few-k wallets are early bird brainlets, 40% are institutional venture wallets, and 20% are dedicated high IQ anons. The brainlets will sell into institutional buyers because conventional wisdom suggests that it's "good to take profit". In two years, 80%+ of the large wallets will have to be institutional if the chainlink network is going to fulfill its destiny. The dumps encourage diffusion of brainlet cubes into lowball institutional bids. Each dump raises the price floor. By this logic, only a few hundred anons will make it. THEY WANT YOU OUT!

4) Chainlink is the first project in "crypto" that has captured real institutional interest. Even bitcoin has failed to generate a similar level interest. In ten years, bitcoin has only managed to develop a few institutional futures markets. The industrial interest in chainlink is completely out of step with the market, and it is difficult for retail to grasp since indusrty interest has not occurred yet in the context of "crypto". Of course in hindsight it will be obvious, but the market is in denial that a project like chainlink exists.

It is a paradox. Adoption is staring this market in the face, and yet most dismiss it as just another scam. Psychological conditioning is a bitch. Don't sell. 1000eoy was always fud.

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