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You can use your existing ETH address with the desktop exchange...

Just sign from your wallet (free) to activate L2 with same address.

Metamask works fine, never had a single problem and I use multiple addresses regularly on the rollup.

No-one needs to learn to code just to use a rollup you dumb bitch. Of course dumb nigger roasties will never make it, lacking the cognitive faculties to parse simple sentences, let alone utilise DeFi... Probably think coding is a form of witchcraft... Such a dumb bitch.

Your crypto never leaves Ethereum, that's the beauty of a ZK rollup. Ethereum level security guarantee, 10k+ tps and if the rollup goes down, you still have all your assets on L1. You literally cannot be rugged unless Ethereum gets turned off.

Another black... Jesus fucking christ if you cannot use a search engine to find the fucking website and read the words on the page then modern civilisation isn't for you. Good luck jogging for a living I guess.

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redditors go away i don’t like having you around

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Yes, we all know about tether. Make a general about it instead of 10 separate threads.

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If you can't produce the product, you're going to have trouble making income on it.

Next time get the ID, faggot.

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I want a dog but also a kitty they’re both nice

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Explain why I wasn’t born filthy rich

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Currently which coin has the highest chance of doing a 50x-100x within the next few weeks or months?

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