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You are too normie chakra plebian to understand what the Age of Aquarius symbolizes, what Novus Ordo symbolizes in term of the System of Antichrist

Pic related is Guénon what is happening in America. They will usher the False Dawn of Aquarius, they will usher in the eternal Saturnalia, the Carnival, the literal Clown World, the inverted spirituality

And you are swallowing it all because you are muh chakra boy new world order is a good thing faggot little shit

Enjoy literal Reign of Antichrist you piece of shit fucking shadow pyramid loving little cocksucker

You lack the understanding of Perennialist philosophy. Saturn did stand for Golden Age, they are ushering in the false dawn of "return of Golden Age" the literal solidification of Kali-Yuga itself



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From a Guénonian perspective, this is not especially good thing, because someone might use, especially in America, such biblical character, to their own narrative so to speak.

Pic related is what I am talking about

Especially the "Eye in the Triangle" symbol associated with certain counter-initiatic organizations in America (this was written in the 40s)

They are using the "Biblical narrative" for their own ends while it is in reality, just a fantasy...

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