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i just need to refresh /biz/ 9283781814 more times and then my linkies will go back to 160k sats

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I went from having no girls to juggling 4.
I don't have time for anything anymore.
Just /smg/ and entertainment women.

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i’m losing so much fucking money

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>went weeks without being a bagholder, made a couple grand a week
>tfw been bagholding for two weeks after getting fucked in these crashes
I have no doubt I will make money off of this, but I miss being free from bagholding. When will bobo go to sleep?

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>work in expensive city
>can’t afford home live with parents
>only make $13/hour
>max annual performance raise is 3%
>raise only enough to keep up with inflation
>boss only gave me 2.25% raise
>age 28

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Stop doing that. I'm texting like 4 girls at once for maybe one date if I'm lucky.
Just keep asking randos and swiping on dating sites.
I just raw dogged a girl and she ghosted me literally the day after even though she was sending me goodnight texts after.
Fuck these hoes

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why do normies like that genre of music. i dont even know what its called. niggerbeat?

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down syndrome

baby boomers are the pampered bitch generation so they try to fuck you over and then they bitch when they don't have all the leverage. Nothing we can do against the generation of overgrown brats. They needed a good slap on the face. They have no humility and are beta as fuck. Just the way the world works
Because of these retards, you can't actually move out unless you make middle class wages
Just hoping my bags pump more. Not satisfied to move out with what I have since it isn't retirement money. At beat it will let me retire for 2 years. Could be enough for a business though

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i’m losing so much fucking money

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when will i be happy

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