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>fuck you leave some for the rest of us

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this is why I encourage to put in more fiat instead of swapping crypto for other crypto
>t. polkadot private sale participant, bought at $1.25 per DOT

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>I can't believe this, ONLY 186 people in the world participated in the ICO

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>42 ai kike bot

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>42 is a cyber jew

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>I am a racist and I hold Chainlink

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>what are you out of curiosity?
was tested on two occasions for work by the HR department and tested ENTJ both times
>I love you 42 please never leave
haha I'm always around, this is fun
glad you're enjoying it

>remember, remember, the 5th of November:
mfw this is going to be glorious

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the seething murderous insanity is real

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>i assume they are erasing the 4chan archives
winter 2020-2021 are going to be a fun ride

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>Actually he does mention the jews

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>Blaming a picture for losing money

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>ej buraz, do you have any rebuttals to section 3 in the api3 whitepaper?
pročitati ću whitepaper kasnije
busy weekdays with my fulltime job/wife/exercise/leisure reading/shitposting/etc. so usually only have the weekends to catch up on my technical reading

>t. Honeycomb and Chainlink hackathon dev
thank you for chiming in

>The CLC crew left Chainlink because their product, a premium API marketplace, is still a while away from actual revenue in Chainlink’s roadmap, this expedited the transfer.
makes sense, now if only they left on amicable terms and were open with the community about it, I would be more willing to trust them

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>MAGA bagholders support group
>I can feel the dumb fucking hick emanating from this post.
>you retarded hillbilly.
>Keep being a dumb poor instrumentalized hick, see if I care
>Fuck a retarded hick country like the JewSA. MAGA voters are cattle, nothing more, made to be exploited.
>I don't give a fuck you dumb hillbilly faggot.
>you pathetic inbred.
>You're all a fucking joke at this point
>Sounds like it cut deep you limp-dicked baccy chewing white nigger.

hahahahaha liddle chang is mad
you're going to be working for a bowl of rice a day with a gun at your back if Trump gets another term and you know it

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>Andre is the deFi Saint

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