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Yep. Chaotic Good here checking in. Down with the Man.

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In Minecraft Server, Always remember the dignity and Grace they have taken from you. Let it fuel your heart in the fight for Freedom. The time has come to throw off these shackles of the Bolsiveks. Take it to them, Anon. Identify the most important systems and people of their control system, and neutralize them. Just imagine what life would be like without THEIR television/media or Cellphone Control System. Are those facilities hardened? Are the CEO’s and Board-members of those Corporations and Government Offices hard or soft targets. In Minecraft, destroying the regional command and control systems is not as hard as you think. The Normies will not flag for PVP until they have been disconnected from the C&C System. You make them suffer, and they will become a weapon against the Bolsheviks who run the Minecraft RL Server.

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Anyone that votes, period, is supporting domestic terrorism. That’s why the Government has men with guns and jails, to terrorize you into doing what they tell you too.

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They are. The Republic is dead and the Corporation rules the land that was the United States. The Courts work for the Corporation and swear allegiance to it. Until the Republic is restored, Kangaroo Courts will be the norm.

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50/50 SPY/TLT.

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