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VIX only up 1%

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I broke even

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Jesus nigger stop rushing in.

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Zoom out adhd retards

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That is a man

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how does someone that stupid and emotional make 140k in crypto?

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>13 posts by this ID

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>BTC soaring near to the ATH
>Is the total economic shut down priced in?


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Here's a good rule to follow from now on; if the team is anonymous (ie. Doesn't have any accountability) don't give them money

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>originally crypto was a kewl way for nerds to buy things on the internet
>now it's a "cool" (gay) thing for pajeets to pretend to have a legitimate project and then fuck people out of their moni

After 2013 everything went wrong. If you got into crypto after 2013 you got in late and you got in wrong.

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>20k AUD networth

Could be worse, could be better

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>threw away $2k getting findomed by liberal girls on twitter again

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Have only two addresses.

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where can you see the price?

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ok thanks fren.


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I've been getting a lot of emails from customers

>Hi, I've noticed your company has been quiet during recent current events
>What are you guys doing to support the BLM movement?

We move boxes and fruit, I don't know what to say

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>the stock currently carries a Zacks Rank of #3
Bro if you're using Zacks Ranks for short term gains...

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Cool music.... cringe

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There's a guy on Wall Street Bets that is drinking his own piss after saying he would do such if SPY closed green.

I think I am done with finance.

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You realize not every Vanguard ETF is an index fund right?

Please tell me you know

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It's not. Nigga this stock was started by John D. Rockefeller you think it's going anywhere but up? It's the most American stock in history.

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I know we love to shitpost and all but this is serious we are in a very dark path , pray for a better world just like we prayed for the other anon dad a few weeks ago.

The collapse of the monetary system will lead to literal communism, seizure of properties, abolition of cash, negative interest rates, extreme violence and even hunger.

And that's not even counting the virus, i am serious pray for the world and humanity in this dark times.

If you think things are bad now the next two weeks will be insane as the virus increases out of control in the usa, brasil and other places.

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>HBAR up 200% in the last 24 hours
JFC. I knew I should have bought a stack when it was at 80%.

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fuck bears

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