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some people claimed here that dollars are being "destroyed" by the fed
I suspect this is an attempt of propaganda, and that the actual reality is they slow down the rate at which money is created
destroying money means destroying some dollar forever, until some are created through a different source

so can anyone tell me the truth
is the fed lowering the dollar total supply?

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I don't know what you mean.

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you could always stain just the outside and then add a layer of varnish for protection. if you make them i will have to grab a couple.

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>blank coin

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>Usa passes bill declaring BTC and ETH as commodities while the Sec can fuck around with altcoins
>At the same day an anon twitter account with 0 followers using hashtags as #cryptocommunity and #cryptolife(which sounds like a fed wrote it since no one uses these) emerges promising to expose influencers and top 100 dev tokens for scams,murders,rapes and other really bad shit
>Thread goes viral minutes after it was written despite the cringe hastags no one uses it,in 12hours gets 18kfollowers
>Exposes begin on the 15th,which happens to be the day fed announces the new hikes
Here what could happen next
>This account indeed has incriminatng info and starts posting it,crypto influencers and projects targeted at first
>At the same time media start hard promoting these stories causing the most negativity crypto has ever experienced
>Doj and worldwide authorities start massive crackdown on crypto due to the backlash of these leaks
>Mass crypto capitulation begins,propably even worse than march 2020
You can clearly see that there is a pattern that started accelerating after luna rug, and now binance allegations to capitulate the shit out of this market while marking BTC and ETH as the only reliable investments
They will hard fill their bags in the biggest capitulation event crypto has seen,then push out Spot Etfs for Btc and Eth and whoever is left behind investing in crypto will only invest in these 2 assets and pump their bags
Game is rigged

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and until central banks around the world sell off all their gold (which they won't), gold remains about the only truly safe asset.
Anon did u just read what u wrote? Everything was great until u came up with this crazyyy gold nonsense and strong gold shill

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>Projecting about diet

NGMI anon.

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I love how hedera is so far ahead in tech but the memes are dogshit (no offense but some of these could come through my letterbox, very pro but not very engaging)

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I read the OP here and skimmed through the thread you linked, and have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about.


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We need to make the matic tiers pack . It’s very much needed

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>hyperinflation (we won't) this is bullish for most stocks in the long run

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Are there any? And on exchanges without outrageous fees (like uniswamp).

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This coin is hella puzzling to me too, they sperg about their founders and investors constantly (I wouldn't be surprised if those names are misused), and the supposed partnerships with major companies

Their whitepaper is riddled with buzzwords and inconcrete claims. They even have a whole subreddit that reads like a bunch of paid bots.

I like the concept and it sounds useful, but something is fishy

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yo i got RBC in my id, rubichads get in here and explain

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How much money do you have? Are you still in crypto?

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nice spacing anon...

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Is there an easier way to find it other than searching "ID"

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how can I build a net neutral position to lock-in my profit?
Is that Delta hedging?

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oh my god is that actually a woman?

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Do a lot of people still watch Adult Swim? I'm out of the loop.

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Would you cut your legs off below the knee for 1 million dollars?

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>BOTY Mooning
And I was watching it since 0.0002 and trying to get a 1mill at 0.0001
Sooooo BOTY cant sustain this right? itll go down on Monday a fair amount right?

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