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need to find a way to come to terms with that and release that resentment from your brain, all it does it cloud judgement and prevent you from enjoying yourself.
oh you
not with that attitude you wont
good attitude but also when it comes to portfolio management, its literally the opposite. in any moment in time, profit/losses dont matter, only your current positions & balances. crypto is liquid enough that every coins dollar equivalent is 1 click away (market sell/ hedge with perps). use this thought experiment:
>sum up your portfolio balance in dollars
>if you had that much cash/stablecoins, how would you allocate it?
>would your portfolio look the same as it does now? or would you have different allocations towards diff coins & investments.
because this is actually possible at any moment in time, constantly re-evaluate with this trick. Having said that, when you invest, you should do so with conviction, so small dips or pumps shouldnt shake you from a position.

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We meant EOY 2021 from the beginning.

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We are all gonna make it bros. Even Linklets with 1k stacks as long as you hold. We will hit $100 before EOY and $1000 EOY 2021. I personally cannot wait for the pink wojacks of swingies who got left in the dust. Don't say you weren't warned.

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