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this is the most autistic thread in all of /biz/ and not inna good way
>retards literally arguing semantics for fucking hours
>some nonsensical drama exchanged between two adult infants who haven't cleansed themselves of their ego
>these same infants have a peculiar arrogance in that they believe they are always correct and have a total inability to admit /learn from mistakes, they never have the same confidence irl
>retards who think big words = high iq
>people who think saying nigger or faggot makes you racist and transphobic
>bagholders who are deluded into thinking their exchange is best simply "because" ??
Yes I like anime, but not CGDCT as i'm not a pedo weirdo that replaces necessary human connectivity with drawings
I'm not a frogposter
Kraken is the best exchange

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^ He's right you know.


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duplicate reply is annoying

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Come on, faggot. Deliver.

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So... You aren't willing to put money into put options but you claim to be right yet out of your wittle butthole you say you only make sound investments.

If you're right, wouldn't put options be a sound investment?

Oh wait... You're not really sure of anything, are you?

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not the anon that asked. but thanks for the info without spazzing out and name calling for not being in the know

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