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Education is a euphemism for propaganda but you'd never notice or care while your sucking elite cocks.

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4.5.2. The self-destructive, self-deceiving nature of evil

"But the only measure that he knows is desire, desire for power; and so he judges all hearts. Into his heart the thought will not enter that any will refuse it, that having the Ring we may seek to destroy it. If we seek this we shall put him out of reckoning." [190]

"But the evil they work according to their maker's design turns often to good that he did not intend, and even to his loss and defeat." [191]

These two comments give clues as to the self-destructive nature of evil. Consider the history of the Ring. It slips off Isildur's finger and betrays him. We know that the Ring works to try and get back to its Master. Deagol finds the Ring, and it is taken from him by Gollum. The evil of the Ring corrupts Gollum utterly. The power of Sauron as Necromancer arises in Mirkwood and the Ring once again stirs. Bilbo finds the Ring, and Gollum, having been deprived of the Precious, seeks to regain it.

Sauron is aware that the Ring is abroad, and that it is in the hands firstly of hobbits and latterly of Men and Elves. He becomes aware of Aragorn as Heir of Isildur when Aragorn reveals himself to Sauron in the Palantir of Orthanc. Clearly, Sauron believes that the Ring will be wielded by Aragorn, and although he has no positive proof, the defeat of his forces at the Pelennor Fields and the end of the Black Captain could lead him to infer that the Ring is in the hands of those who are using main force.

Indeed, the thought of anyone wanting to destroy the Ring has never occurred to Sauron. So obsessed is he with retrieving his power that he cannot conceive that anyone would want to destroy it, but, like him, would desire to have it and use it. This is the very reason why the destruction of the Ring is mooted at Rivendell. And Sauron's self-deception, and the consequences of it become clear when Frodo claims the Ring.

Nihilists are a problem

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>Is it allegedly just a high zoom camera filming the moon?

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>the lucky ones get to resign
>the others ones...well, they didn't fly so good

>Mr. Rich, a vice president of Connected Fleet for Airbus and a Silicon Valley veteran who had worked at Google, DARPA and Atheros, had been on his way to watch the Aug. 21 solar eclipse.

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>I've not read Evola but seeing as he was far-right it is only natural that he would deem everyone leftist.
I would reserve any judgement of Evola until you've actually read his source material
other people's opinions about him should be taken with a grain of salt
that being said, Bowden did an excellent lecture on him giving a QRD

>Even though this may sound "good", absolutely imagine what fill be the "Fourth Estate" Evola is talking about
I don't think Evola meant for it to sound good, it was going in the opposite direction he would have liked
look at how they want to abolish the police and destroy monuments
shortly after they will come for your property and livelihoods

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>Secondly what would the point of instilling these triggers be?
Useful idiots
They run their synthetic media campaigns like the pussy hats and then they use their hats as a convenient way for their machines to do headcounts.
It’s a precursor to the chinese social credit score where cameras track the movements of the slaves and deduct or add points to their scores automatically.

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Do you work for Progressive or something? More crumbs please

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Studying all the different types of calendars is very interesting.

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>Recite your baseline.


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216 chekked

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>Keep panicking, bitch.
You still don’t realize what’s happening.
2020 vision is coming.

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Ahh Tavistock and GATE.
They administered a few tests and tried to skip me ahead a year in school but my parents said no.
Freemasons also approached and tried to recruit my father. He told me about this after I told him that a Freemason tried recruiting me last year after my 30th birthday.

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Was just watching a good video on this exact topic:

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