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yids are yids bro
sometimes they even forget their larp haha

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What about these?

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>hello fellow goys
The Jew is the demon behind the corruption of mankind.

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>subjective perception of beauty
Only kikes try to shill beauty as a subjective thing. Probably because you all are hideous. Read Socrate and Plato definition of beauty you fucking rabbi.

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>single image
there are tons of images
> havent done any actual reading because you are too dumb and lazy
i have but images are much quicker to spread info. please drop the personal attacks, anon, we are men of logic after all

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>I am white and realize times are changing with globalism and have a "can't beat them join them" mindset.

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>im white

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Who said anything about a "problem" Jewish idiot? Your fellow Jewish racist just gave the definition of fascists and how fitting it is for you Jews. So Americans is a "problem" as a group, Nazi Jew? What kind of solution to you have for them? Extermination through mass immigration and racism against them in their own country. You are scary, Nazi Jew. You sound like Joseph Mengele. Evil parasites. You must go home. You have to go.

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Forget all these normie cunts telling you to get a degree and waste 4yrs. Here's what a real man who gets results would do...
>Learn how to code from online tutorials and youtube videos (in 3 months you'll know more than a 4yr degree play-by-the-rules-normie-faggot knows)
>Print a fake degree. How to?...
>>Publish some advertisements for jobs that require the degree you are after
>>Get any respondents to send you their degree to "confirm their qualifications"
>>Use photoshop/GIMP2 to edit the name to yours from the best college degree you receive
>Apply for jobs

This will 100% work and within 3 months you can be in a job as a fresh graduate and the 4yrs experience you have vs just doing college for 4yrs is worth 50x. Don't worry about not knowing certain shit. It took people 4yrs to graduate, they have forgot more than they have learned. I know... I've done it the normie way.

Never forget. Jews and their 'play by the rules goy' shit is only what they tell us. Real men get results no matter what!

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Shut it all down

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>why are members of a millenia old ethno-religious cult that see themselves as the "Chosen people" & raised from birth to despise outsiders kinda mean and arrogant?

Jeez op, I wonder.

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Yeah sure... plz leave and never come back here.

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>1 post by this ID
I'm onto you Shekelstein.

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>proud of my white

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https://youtu.be/RlHVin56U2w?t=45m46s (Rothschilds section begins at that time)

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