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Where do women like this exist beyond beach whoring for their 'managers' back in Italy???

And please, don't punish the bitch - she likes the pain.

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Thx. Should read instead of listen to women.

Well they're even more fuck now.


Then "Tough shit, now freeze" is the only acceptable response you dimwitted woke bitch.

Now... lube or not? Bet the fat Mexican doesn't even spit first.


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This. Women over 30-35 are batshit.

They can't balance the 'strong women' shit that got them the money and what most 'men want' so they go back to just fucking anything with a pulse to justify their wretched, ever-wrinkling, and shrewd eggless existence until yet another guy gets tired of their stupid drunken bullshit.

Unironically 'two more weeks', that's how quickly you get tired of these old(er) bitches and their stupid shit.


See all of the above. Biggest failed experiment in human history is giving women more than the ability to go in the front yard.

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America isn't even fucking everyone else unless you were stupid enough to bitch and moan over Ukraine, keep the COVID bullshit charade going (AUS, JAP, INDO, SRI LANKA, ETC), elect retarded leftists, etc.

I mean it's like, the US is sitting there smoking a joint while these retard countries shoot themselves with the gun the US threw at their feet while laughing with bloodshot eyes.

If Biden weren't such a leftist green blackmail'd WEF fuck-up then the situation would be even better for the USD relatively speaking.

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Seethe bitch, seethe. Maybe now you'll respect what a man does and show love when it's due.

Feminism caused this. Now the people suffer. Back to Italy, now dear...

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>be CIA "agent"
>know this feel

She's full of herself. Only the humble survive this business.

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