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Holy shit, I've been on this board full time since 2017 and have never read this adaption of the Richard Stallman pasta. Absolutely and unequivocally based, it perfectly captures the essence of the original quote and the fat protocol thesis. Fucking saved and hats off to whoever made this pasta.

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My LINK stack swings 5 figures/day on the regular. Calm as a hindu cow. We're numb.

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I hope you’re amused you bastard

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there are people on this board who actually thought that we were gonna continue into a languishing, grueling bear market
>after two years of bear market
>five months after halvening
>at the dawn of the unstoppable replacement of the entire financial system with automated, immutable ledgers and an evolution into an economy where practically any kind of commerce is nearly impossible to control by an involuntarily-funded government on the smallest, or largest of scales
>while the government is quite literally brring trillions to give to people in what could be their final years of them and any currency that they fundamentally control having market significance
>immediately prior to eth 2.0 phase 0
>a few months before LINK threshold signatures and arbitrum
>when the act of bringing real-world assets to the blockchain on a common infrastructure has just become feasible for institutions, and will continue to get easier on a smaller scale as technology that interfaces external data with blockchains improves

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Right back at ya, brainlet

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You can downplay it all you want, but the point is it is still significant. Subsidiary in this case means "relevant department" and not fucking franchisor lmao. That analogy is retarded.
>Deutsche Telekom: 80B revenue | 200k employees
>T-Systems: 8.6B revenue | 50k employees
>T-Systems MMS: 173M revenue | 2k employees
The fact Chainlink is in with T-Systems MMS is huge.

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Allow me to soothe your mind newfag. The big "flaw" the whole pasta rests on is not a flaw at all. Businesses don't give a fuck about "actually going through the hassle of trusting their data API's through crypto". The second a company can shave off a percent of overhead they will jump through all kinds of hoops to do it, because it means they will be one step ahead of their competition. Saying companies are lazy when it comes to saving costs is retarded. Those companies don't survive. Boomer companies move slow, but the moment an industry changing service is created, they have to jump on the wagon or die off due to inefficiencies compared to their competition.

Cutting out middlemen, increasing speed, reducing overhead, improving transparency or strengthening security, these are all things Chainlink is aiming to do and it will disrupt the industry.

>t. Super cyber-techno machinations security analyst and decentralized open source API partnership programmer

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you know, i used to think that the chainlink hexagon kinda looked like it belonged in a star of david, and this had me kinda uneasy—but that pic in particular makes it look like a star of david that's been neutered
what's more funny is that any jews in the upper echelons have literally no choice other than to accept something like chainlink as a fact of life from now on; something like this was going to happen no matter what, and it virtually guarantees the concentration of power in the hands of those who most closely observe truth and reality, as opposed to those who push false narratives, backed by the power of a taxation-funded government, as a means of subverting a population
what did sergey mean by this?

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link going to pump massively during a recession. that means cheap everything

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I sold half for 1.7 and 1.64
if this doesn't go down more, i don't know what I might do.
I've been holding it since ico

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link over eth right now would be around 24x, which means $72.
i'm comfy as fuck. Link won't stay over eth for a long time, but i fully believe for a few hours it will be. Just imagine the crazy price that day.
$300-400, maybe more.

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Only 33k. Almost 700 days holding this frens

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