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Still holding, not selling.
Nothings changed its just 19 times cheaper. And the panic sellers have left.

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Charts are showing a bullish reversal.

T. The alpha male of crypto

Hope you dont mind the sideline

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It’s not too late to buy back.

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Fug. I posted a ton of inspiring stuff in the other thread that got pruned. It would be nice if mods could merge threads. Anyways. Can someone repost it if you have access to an archive? It got pruned a few minutes ago. I was the only one writing paragraphs.

Anyways. The price is going up now. If you want to invest a lot of money expect volatility because some people got disheartened and want to exit. If I didn’t already invest my whole meme bag I’d invest 1k at a time per million market cap and wait a few hours before getting more. This isn’t financial advice but just looking out for you guys and trying to share my experience.

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I own a large bag but most people are immune to shilling here. So not really effective imo. I also don’t think being connected to okayeg really matters.

The real reason to be bullish is as follows.
I’m bullish because as you can see in this thread Americans/ non Finns cannot meme Spurdo. Which is why I think this coin will be the legitimate spurdo. That’s why I put my entire meme bag into spurdo sparse starting with 0xD

Do you know any of the tg info or twitter info I don’t use either of those sites. Can you please summarize it?

Do you know if the Finns are still behind this spurdo sparde?

Anyways I’ll ride the storm til at least next month maybe longer if I see hope. And if it takes off I’m planning to ride till 100 million at least. I think this is Pepe tier

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Interesting Another big sell right now. I’d just let the guys keep selling for a while like I said before. Let it bleed a bit and get a better price. It already disheartened us all. I’d wait a bit then buy in if you still want. I think if you buy now people will just use it as an exit. So it’s probably in your interest to wait for more sales.

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When the next thread 404s please make a new one with the tg info and info about the other 30m market cap spurdo

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Finns are waking up. You did get a small bag didn’t you Anon?

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Finns are waking up in 4 hours. You do have a small bag right?

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incidentally where i tattoed my seedphrase with invisible uv ink, (((they))) will never find it

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I like peepee the frog, idk who this imposter is but this is what peepee actually looks like

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Clean it up, landie.

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Should I freelance and build my own brand or should I just wageslave for some shitty company? I'm a website developer btw.

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