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those are likely OG link marines desu

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Oh no, I'll be buying the most technologically advanced, ruthlessly capitalist companies, and insane revenue growth at lower prices.

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>Verbal clanging, schizophasia, sparsity of word selection, incoherent or unconnected though transitioning, derailment and disorganization. All fairly common cognitive symptoms of early adulthood onset schizophrenia/schizotypal disorder.

your precious bible of the (((DSM))) won't save you from what's coming

it's no coincidence that the world is full of PSYCHO-OLOGISTS and of course everyone suddenly is mentally ill

PSYCHO-OLOGY is a tool of pharaoh to keep slaves in line and under his thought control

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plz sell your tech "bags"

ill be enjoying my 50% margin for next 100 years.

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>Fuck Judaism, fuck Christianity, fuck Islam
yeah we know, your religion is ideology
a poor man's religion
>Based. (((abrahamshits))) btfo
look how well the 100 years went after God was abandoned
they said God had died, they were wrong
the world died (WW1 and WW2)

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Because of memes dude. Because of collective positive thought. Because of KEK

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It'll just be deposited into your delivery chute at your capsule apartment, like in 5th Element

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If an initiatic secret society grounded in the eternal is the place where one stands, what is the lever? What are the means by which one moves history? The short answer is: by any means necessary. If the metaphysical foundations and practical aims of a secret order are as fixed and unchanging as Being itself, the means by which it seeks to influence and direct history should be as manifold and shifting as the historical flux. Absolute dogmatism about foundations and aims can be wedded to absolute pragmatism about means. Truth and order—as they define them—may employ lies and chaos. Good—as they define it—may be pursued by any means, including evil ones, provided that they really are means. If the ends do not justify the means, nothing will. All of these techniques, however, fall under two basic headings: the spreading of ideas and the infiltration and subversion of institutions.

>But your link also calls him the world's most right thinker which is exactly my poin
you miss the point Evola is trying to make
he is saying, "by definition", he is one of the few (((right-wing))) thinkers left
in his opinion, things are so far-gone and embedded that most people are not even capable of having thoughts outside the limits of prescribed acceptable cultural discourse
In Evola's view, they physically and spiritually lack the imagination to even understand let alone agree with traditional thoughts

one immediate example is how Evola, like many in the ancient world, did not believe in coincidences
this is derided as "magical thinking" in our modern world
there is a mental fog and dullness that has set into the minds of people today
modern man is a dullard and has been reduced to merely an economical unit

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>there's a spirit of evil that is manifesting in the sea of humanity today
>they're hacking the global consciousness for their own nefarious ends

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Friend of mine worked for a French company here in the US. They were absolutely anal about micromanaging everything. On all employee workstations they have mouse monitoring software installed, and if your mouse isn't moving for 5 minutes it automatically notifies your superior. Welcome to the new virtual work world

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Good times https://youtu.be/_hI0qMtdfng

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Revived for sure.

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>he thinks coronavirus is real

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read it for yourself
the LARP isn't what is interesting
it is the salient discussion and talking points, I naturally agree with almost all of what the LARPer brings up

here's another choice quote:

>YOU create your own reality...but you are HIGHLY suggestible.


>Childish in so many ways...and you adults are children who never grew up...to reality...all busy telling each other the "beautiful lie".

we all swim in the same waters and you can't deny the level of delusion is increasing in the global psyche
if I had to asses the mental state of the modern human world, murderous and deranged would be the chief descriptors

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>We absolutely have a systemic oppression problem
yeah it's called being controlled via money printers

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Sounds like honest advice. Thanks fren.

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Ok /biz/, i know it's been discussed into the ground here, but give it to me straight.
Trezor vs. Ledger?
How do you store your crypto?
What are the safest methods?


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>christianity is a mechanism of infiltrating and destroying true european (white) heritage
Europe abandons God in the late 19th century
Europe proceeds to cannibalize itself throughout the 20th century
>surely just a coincidence

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it's pretty clear that modern culture is a weapon used against a hapless population
look at the last 100 years and see for yourself

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>implies that such a place wasn't ideal cover for dropping major redpills for those with eyes to see the writing on the wall.

/biz/ made it so all the reddit retards and idiotic BTC maximalists wouldnt notice LINK until it was too late. Why? Because they are sheep.

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they've usually killed each other off by then
the last 100 years bear it out
they fund both sides and then pick up the pieces for fire sale prices and then take over the issuance of currency that the citizens (aka hostages) use

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>put my hand under jacket to make it look like I have a gun
>tell him I'll kill every single person in the bus if he makes one more stop on the way to school
this is your brain on amerikkkan propaganda movies
you watched too many James Bond flicks bruh

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