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Oh, and I stake 25% on Maiar, so I'm a bit safer. The crypto payment project has been around since 2017. It has seen multiple bear markets and it will see more. More people are using it for payments, even big merchants.
There's no point. Dump it before it dumps on you.

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FLOKI is a good shitcoin to blow the money on, fag!

If you want some fucking gems, soak yourself with some QANX.


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Well, what do you have to say about crypto payment projects? They are useful because they are cheaper than fiat (use EGLD for low gas fees).
Utrust is a crypto payment platform and it was voted as website with best UI/UX. Check them out.

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You wouldn't be saying all this if you made smart investment choices.
When your next paycheck comes, I can tell you what coin will recover all your loses.

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The on chain staking is a sweet deal, 15-35% APY is massive

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