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Here's my thing: Regardless of what happened, I believe Jonny probably will do his best. That being said, the fact that he can't control things internally and allowed such a piece of trash to be a half owner in his business, and the fact that the piece of trash IS half owner, removes all credibility from the product. So, as someone with >$5MM in LINK who originally planned on staking with LP, I can tell you I will no longer be staking even 1 single LINK with them. If there are other people like me out there, and I believe there will be a lot, Linkpool will never have a large marketshare of tokens and therefore LP will never actually have value compared to simply buying LINK, so I will be selling my 3 LP for whatever I can get (I bought at ~$400/LP) and dumping that all into LINK. I no longer have faith in the integrity of the business, and that's all there is to it for me. Make your own decisions though.

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Is passive income really this easy?

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Are they losing money?

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I definitely got cucked with the recent market dump yesterday. Should I just forget about it until the ERC20 migration and staking?

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The shitcoin that I sold for linkpool pumped and someone just fucking market dumped on the dex Holy fuck i am retarded

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Is linkpool a scam?

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so i'm evaluating it, but i'm not seeing how it works -
1 LP = 100 ETH
1 LINK = 1.7% of ETH
100 ETH = 5900 LINK

so i'm wondering:
* what does LP actually offer for this money? Is it just an ease of use or something more. Just wondering whats more worthwhile - investing in it, or making a high-availability setup on AWS and just running a node directory

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>checks link distribution

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Is this enough to earn modest yet substantial passive income when everything is fully functional? I dont mean anything crazy but like a few thousand dollars a month to cover/subsidize living expenses
>inb4 3 years
I know

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There’s only 740 of us. If we all agree to not sell until 1 LP = 1000 ETH it’ll create the greatest gamma squeeze of all time. This can be coordinated. one LinkPool = $1,000,000 that’s the price to enter into the staking LINKcitadel if we choose it so

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