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Anon, I don't think you understand just how important provenance is when it comes to the inputs for semicon manufacturing. There is zero room for error or impurity in anything, from the etch and CMP slurries to the casings of the lithography machines. Purity standards that high REQUIRE an international agreement on standards and enforcement actions for failing to supply the grade you claim to have.

If you decide to work with some forwarding company in Istanbul to get a shipment of Russian neon for your fabs, there is no promise that they aren't just going to send you tech-grade neon instead, while charging you for the instrument-grade gas. And if they did, and you found out about it? You can't do a thing about it, since the exporter already changed company names and no one is going to hold them accountable for fucking you over while you tried to evade sanctions.

Right now, Russia is importing chips from and through China (at a steep premium) to circumvent the sanctions, but finding that often the chips are either not what was paid for, or just plain defective. This is the inherent issue in black markets: who keeps the seller accountable when you're not supposed to be conducting business in the first place?

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Narrator: He didn't.

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True, but at the same time they also had the foresight to cripple all attempts at putting in a light rail linking to Denver and its Diversity (TM), and they aggressively gerrymandered their school districts back in the day to keep Juan Pablo out. At the very least, the older hippies in town are the sort that did a decade of peace corp work and got red pilled about how useless 3rd worlders are in creating their Eco-paradise.

The most accurate statement I ever heard about Boulder is that everyone there is an extremist about something.

>t. did 5 years as a PhD student there

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Putin might be crazy enough, but Xi definitely isn't. And it's looking like the people of Russia aren't so willing to moobilize either. There's certainly a terrifyingly non-negligible possibility a nuke gets used in Ukraine, but if so it will be the end for Putin. It will be a race between NATO wiping his forces off the face of the map and his own people stringing him up Mussolini style.

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