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I used to think we'd top out before summer. But then I realized that the bullrun won't end when the moneyprinter is going BRRRRRR and there's free money floating in the streets because of the low interest rates. And there's no end in sight. What we're seeing is massive inflation in assets, and the Fed pretends it doesn't exist, which is very good for crypto.

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>like both stocks and bitcoin are peaked as fuck
You don't seem to understand. As long as the moneyprinter goes BRRRR stocks, real estate and crypto will continue to skyrocket.

And daddy government has no plan of stopping that for the forseeable future. Anyone who doesn't own real estate, stocks or crypto will be ultra fucked as the value continues to rise and prices them out completely. The Fed pretends there's no inflation, except the entire fucking market is ultra inflated.

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Welcome to "there is no inflation, goy"

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