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what i mean to say is that honey badgers are a rare example of a species that does not fit neatly into any of the major classifications as members of the mustelidae family they are one of the closest remaining animal groups to the original carnivorans but like the giant panda the honey badger may have started to evolve into an omnivore feeding on berries and grains and honey also

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(op) its more than annoying it is downright infuriating you know if i were in your situation i would show up for the interview and then promptly whip out my massive honey badger erc penis and shove it down the ceo's throat to prove how much i don't give a fuuuuuuck

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so true and $hoba is so based i love how it will 10x once the bull market starts like seriously how do these vaporc0iners not understand that qnt and $hoba are all that matter when the bull market starts the only thing going up will be my 18ft cock and nothing else will matter $hoba is everything you need to make money off of stupid normies that don't understand how it works you should buy every dip while there's still a dip cause soon $hoba will be worth 1000 usd per coin

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