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They will come in. The wSTA/STA pool is nothing compared to Stanos. The former suffers from higher liquidity, the latter feeds off of it.

Yeah, I think we are back.

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Because it’s inevitable, no amount of hardship can take it down. No hack no fud no whale dumping 5% of the supply on us for weeks, nada. $10 EONY

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You from 2035, OP?

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It really is inevitable. 100M marketcap EOY, 1B marketcap EONY

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Wait for news to pump price, then pool at around $1. If the news for some reason don’t make the normies pump the price, we all pool together whales included, which causes price to go up regardless, then the normies come in and pump it further.

Not many project allows us to take our future into our own hands and literally force us to make it. We’ve already won, anon.

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There’s a goddamn reason you mong. Take your meds, come back in a year and be fucking happy you bought.

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Trust me on this one. xBTC will grow alongside of STA into something huge. The former will be the S&P500 of cryptos and STA will be used to balance the alts equally while making use of the volume to generate fees.

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Imagine being this Salty..Anon have you ever been excited or happy ? We love the project don’t be a downer. If you don’t like it don’t come in like the other fudders and be a lil bitch.

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If kyber is on CB and STA + Kyber is on the table...

And STA + BAL has been online since inception and BAL goes on CB...

Then Statera listed on coinbase will be...INEVITABLE.

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Let's start deflationary daily counter threads till EOY my lovely STA anons.

Thanos Power @ 433K

>Space Stone - $200k Liquidity - ACQUIRED
>Mind Stone - $400k Liquidity - ACQUIRED
>Reality Stone - $600k Liquidity - SOON TO BE ACQUIRED
>Power Stone - $800k Liquidity
>Time Stone - $1,000,000 Liquidity
>Soul Stone - $1,500,000+ Liquidity

>What does STA do?
A deflationary Index Fund token.
>Money --> STA --> Thanos burns STA --> Thanos balances Index Fund pool via arbitrage --> STA appreciates

>Won't whales fuck us?
>Money --> STA --> Thanos burns STA --> faggot whales dump on us trying to swing/FUD/whatever --> Thanos BURNS MORE FUCKING STA --> STA APPRECIATES
Some kikes and pajeets here will FUD and dump no matter what. Thanos will humble them.

>Where can I buy?
Use THIS link to buy STA, none other. Look for "3DeED1" in the link. Check for yourself here: https://stateratoken.com/ --> "Trade"

What is the full realization of this project?

>Coingecko defi listing
>4 new exchange listings
>wrapped STA finished and CEX listings
>top CEX listings: OKEx, Kucoin, Huobi, Binance
>balancer listing on Coinbase
>Statera integration into Coinbase DeFi pools
>Statera on Coinbase
>Statera integrated into digital index funds for Vanguard, Fidelity, SPDR, Schwab
>all major portfolios in financial tech over $250k is balanced in an index fund with STA as the industry standard balancer
>supply is less than 1 million tokens while volume taps into the entire derivatives market
>Price per STA token $10,000
>there are now major owners of STA since the beginning similar to BTC as it is truly the most decentralized, immutable, trustless utility token.

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I see friend the yes . We have to make it! Make sure you hide that shit in A stable coin or something once you print a ton of tendies. Also can you do he bro’s a favor and post her in her panties..for the biz bro’s

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>able to balance any digital asset smart contract with inherent upward price pressure and compounded fees
>facilitate the 4th industrial revolution by solving the low volume high volatilty problem
>does "nothing"
Come on brother you can FUD a little harder. Put some heart into it...

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Be gone Tomboy! I bought Statera I will make it

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Sthanos is all powered up
Prepare your asses /biz/

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$10 EOY

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By the way. If it was unclear.

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He is reverse fudding. Real STAstronauts are comfy and dont shill.

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This thread should be stickied.

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WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??? Is there news in China?

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my dick is so fucking hard this will hit 0.0031 within 7 days. I'm gonna COOM

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