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So she is in a museum full of glorious artworks, and she feels inadequate, because who wouldn't? Why do we go to these museums except to be humbled, to feel small, to be diminished in the light of something which is much greater than we are. So normal people, i.e. men, or women who are made of stronger moral fabric, they revel in this feeling. They grow from it. They feel a spiritual tug and it brings them closer to themselves and their idea of God, and it helps them, in their life, the betterment of it, and their soul.
But this whore, this ugly, stupid, sinful whore of Babylon, she can't have that. She has tied her cross to the wagon which is sin and to feel small and humble and to have the attention taken away from her and given to something with which she cannot even compete is too much for her tiny mind to bear, and so she must compete somehow.
What does she do?
She sidles up the holiest, most reverent painting she can find, one which fits the bill: Mary, the Mother of Christ, among the Cherubim. She goes right up to it and she bears her ugly, fat arse. What a fucking whore. What a stupid cunt. She desecrates the painting, the museum, and her own soul in one terrible act of depraved impiety. She takes what should be a monument to the better nature of Man, and of all Western nations, and she turns it around and makes it all about herself. She brings the sanctity of the place crashing down around her so that she can put herself in its place.

If there is a picture which better explains the downfall of the West that we are currently seeing than I very much do not want to see it.
This was tragic enough.
Women are born nation-wreckers.

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The tiger
He destroyed his cage
The tiger is out
-- Nael, Age 6

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it's basically going to replace bonds once it gets so high and stabilizes

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Very unlikely .. so this is it then. Those who survive the Fud now and have Iron hands will make it.

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Is this the bottom for shitcoins?

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asking for biz for advice is how you remain poor.

This is a high IQ coin.


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Reminder: You are here to stay, regardless of your net worth. There is no escape.

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1M RSR, 3K SXP, 250 GRO,150,00 AST

All de-fi targetting different consumer bases.


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Gotcha senpai

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I've got a 2.99% home equity line of credit on my paid off house to use leverage to buy 2-3 properties when the recession finally causes a crisis in the mortgage industry. Just biding my time

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I'm always adding more LINK, BNB, XTZ and ALGO

Just wired some money now through coinbase Pro. Took a minute

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Or is 1k more appropriate

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How much HBAR for this pussy?

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How much hbar for this pussy?

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He drinks way too much Diet Coke and eats insane amounts of fried and fast food, and takes way too many prescription drugs. The only exercise he gets is golf. All these are facts not some democratic conspiracy

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Can a socially isolated, mentally retarded, skilless old neet find a job?
Is it even possible to get a job when you have multiple years of employement gap?
This is a business & finance board so i assume that the thread is quite related, but i could be wrong since i have the intellectual faculties of a down syndrome kid.

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Will link of up or down, i need to know now faggots
Also what other coins will x100?

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Kek. It’s as big as a scam as Facebook, apple, and google.

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In this birches defense she was on the ground floor working on Amazon with Bezos since was a pleb. I so rarely think women deserve half in a divorce...but this is one of those times. Also Bezos is daring a prostitute now...it’s hugely embarrassing for her. He couldn’t even cheat on her with a regular bitch.

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Going to 17k then back to 7k...screencap kek.

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Better sell, not going up for atleast a few more months, would be better off in the stonk market

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buy the dippy wippy lads

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