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Can I she my previous employer for terminating me just for complimenting my mommy milker manager's pedicure a few times, and once jokingly asking her if she could pay me in minutes of letting me massage her feet instead of money?

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You heard it here first. ETC is the same thing as ETH now at a fraction of the price with the Phoenix upgraded in a couple days + ChainBridge. You can now turn your ETC into ETH at a 1:1 ratio making ETC completely interoperable with ETH 1.0 and 2.0. Because it is the exact same code, you can essentially buy gas for the ETH network at a tiny fraction of the price by buying ETC to lock up in order to mint synthetic ETH. ETC is a sleeping giant.


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it sure will, the tg has 900 members and growing. same with the wallets. this will give bomb like gains

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This, I’d speculate on what I’d do in said scenario but I’m literally said RH poorfag, though I have $4000 in my RH account.

You’ve already made it OP, though I’d say you’re sitting on too much cash given the inevitable inflation that’s on the way.

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Fuck you, nufag. She's a marine since the early days.

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Swingies never learn do they.

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>mfw could've had 32 ETH but spent it on shitcoins and now i got 100 ETH

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FAAG is for FAGS, let MSFT be your fren.

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i can see niple

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Feels good

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You don't understand the magic of golden liberty tiddy.

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Announcing a report or sage is a bannable violation of the rules.

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"gold backed"

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>post thread
>leave /biz/

Fuck chinks btw

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God I am so far gone.

I have asked for so many chances, to get better. I swore I would, but like all the other times, I fail.

I'm a drug addicted, friendless sexual degenerate with a future growing dimmer each day. I've been stuck in my senior year of uni for like 2 years now, I don't know what's going on.

I try to get my life back on track every time, but it me we takes long for it to fall apart again.

There's no carrot on the end of my stick, I hate my job, I can't convince myself to give a shit about school because I can't convince myself I'll be to get a better job if I do graduate.

The future, for all of us is so fucking dark, and either nobody can see it, or they refuse to. In 20 years my country will be filled with a horse of third worlders bigger than today, and everything will be unrecognizable, wages will drop due to h1bs and other immigration, there is not a thing for me in this society, I'm beginning to worry this includes the rest of the world.

I've saved 0 despite the first 3 years of my school being almost completely paid for by scholarships, and working 25 hours a week driving a shitty truck doing a shitty job which makes me blow it all on meth and sex every month.

I've never met a girl while on vacation as a kid in a sleepy resort town my family is staying in and fall in love, I've never made up with a girl in the rain and kissed, I hate myself, I owe so much to so many people yet don't even call my grandmother, or any family member for that matter. I am always miles behind myself, always trying to catch up.

I need help. I've needed help for so long.

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>I watched Goodfellas so now I am an expert on organized crime

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you're gonna make it

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>i get embarrassed around children

Just sent in an fbi tip.

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I shorted 5400 -> 5000 and longed 5000 -> now. Do I sell or we still pumping?

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>AR-15 from Palmetto State Armory
>toilet paper

Go all in DCA’ing SOXL with all the spare change.

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