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Never getting a job.
Never paying rent.
Never buying a car.
Never having a gf.

Fuck kikes, fuck niggers, fuck faggots, fuck women and fuck jannies.

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My dearest friend, 'tis with immense pleasure that I inform you that your letter has found safe travel to my destination and landed in my hands. However, this pleasure was fated to remain short lived and bittersweet, for I must also admit to you, regardless of what distress it may cause to you, knowing you went to great trouble to pen it and deliver it to me, that I in fact declined to open it and refused to read the message contained within. Surmising your intentions, there exists no doubt in my heart regarding your sincere worries for my financial well being, but alas your attempts to convince me to modify my investment strategies shall regretfully remain futile, as my stubbornness in this matter has indeed been sealed irrevocably and no other voice shall rock its imperturbable foundations. Allow me then to reiterate my will once more, and do your best to forever remember it for no change will follow: I shan't part ways with my beloved asset, for it is my utmost belief that I have invested wisely and foresee infinite potential in its future, and therefore no other possession in this world shall change my decision, not even a mountain of gold! For my possessed Chainlink is indeed fated to be worth more than any other riches in the world. We shan't speak of this no more. Sincerely yours, your beloved friend.

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Yup. If you have some money though it could be quite easy to make it appear that you have more. Buy them high end fake stuff etc.. kike these whores out of their pussy.

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i just farted

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Well why haven't you retired yet?

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i am going to buy some tomorrow and bog u

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>start small business managed by an employee for passive income
>memecoins (jk Im a crypto veteran, did abitrage and everything)
Gib advice frens...

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>not going all in RLC

not gonna make it

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How does a Golden Bull sound?

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are u pretty and a little fat? i like qt fat arab girls :)

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I was the anon making all the threads accusing the anti core shills of being IDF Which I still think could be the truth .

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This. Kek

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>muh apocalypse

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Oh look, a retard

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I got some too fren

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Statera is the /biz/ coin.

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The refund is for people who lost their pooled coins in balancer exploit... You thought you'd just be airdropped some wbtc or eth out of thin air?

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sure buddy, don't buy them then

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More like panic hodling, atleast I am. Well not really am comfy desu.

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Hahah get it??

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