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fuck off bobo you retard

you have no chance anyways give it up

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Don’t ask him. He might have to explain it to all of us and I don’t wanna hear it. I don’t wanna hear him drone on about some bullshit.

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Trust me anon. I know. I own shell stock too. My XOM is doing way better.

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Can I have some of your money

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>But Zoom is totally not controlled by the communist trash in the Chinese government.

I haven’t been keeping up with them. Is their stock worth anything right now? It’s time for me to buy an aggressive put

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Where do you get premarket data from? I’m retarded

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Multiple orders in, screw these liars.

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No lockdown. Maybe individual cities will have certain restrictions etc, but no more of this shit. We are getting closer to vaccine time (for those who want to take it) and people are sick of being stuck at home.

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Make flexible goals anon. Don’t be a fool.

Don’t set a magic number you never get to. I’ve done it and lost an additional 20% because I didn’t hit the magic number

>I’ll sell when I hit $2000
>I’m at $1990
>oh it’s dropping

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I don’t even know what Greggs is

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well actually, I have infinite money (wishing well)
youre never all in, Ive got 30 years of pennies to put in

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ew no

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>he doesnt have 4 million btc

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I only eat toad in the holes now for all meals

my aunt gave me a key like that, she says its the key the heaven but in reality its the key to an empty box

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market buy tandy leather factory again (TLF)

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not exactly
For october I like tootsie rool. Its not common knowlage but TR is green in over 80% of octobers, so when you see the monthly candle turn red you should buy.

Theres also the china trade event so Im being more careful. My trades will be less and less until tax season ends

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