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if bancor and celsis and other places actually go bankrupt and people lose everything, some executives might actually get minecrafted by baggies

on another hand though I'm really enjoying all the twitter/reddit salt screencaps coming out of these

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>these are the people that reddit and retards here are following for financial advice

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Reposting from another thread

Unfortunately what happened is the real money making already happened, and unlucky laymen (who can't afford to lose money like they are) caught onto the hype far too late. So they bought a ton of GME stock at 300+ and are learning to regret it, and are now scrambling to cope and find hope in a dying light.
It's actually somewhat sad to think that there's people even here that spent their savings on a meme and are losing their livelihoods.

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Absolutely seething

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>only 290

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