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>75 posts by this id
>based and 42pilled
others simply lack the stamina:

>What the fuck do assassination attempts have to do with my opinion of a guy?
why do you think they assassinated JFK?
why do you think they're trying to assassinate Trump?

>Fucking schizo
nvm, you're one of those possessed human beings who has no idea what's happening

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>Been here a long time faggot.
you don't even know how long I've been here
you only have a rough idea of when I put the name on
logic isn't your strong suit smoothbrain
but you and your cadre are clearly malicious actors working for someone
another season of trolls passes over /biz/
you will be washed away like the rest

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Society is failin' so fuck OP-RAH and ELLEN!

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The Saturn-archetype is associated with the notion of a boundary or limititations of power and control, which reminds us of this lead-property. Saturn is the farthest planet away from the Sun in Alchemy. It is also the first rung in our Ladder of the Planets. Saturn is the coldest planet and the slowest moving taking 30 years to complete its elliptical orbit around the Sun. Saturn could have transformed into a Sun if it could have attracted more mass during its formation, but instead, Saturn sleeps in darkness.

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>Though, I’d say they’ve decided to get a bit more blatant by simply putting 42 at the top of a mountain

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>Anyone else notice that we passed 144000 addresses around Father's Day?

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>Good read but not going to execute and make a shrine for Saturn.
I wouldn't
he is an academic and of course included as accurate as possible, Saturnian rituals based on historical data and evidence
it's good to read through to understand, but extremely dangerous to practice
blood magic especially is dangerous

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>. I don't know if 42 has all this from Ari's book,
Funny enough I was in the process of finding all this out before learning about Ari’s book or even chainlink.
When I found out about Ari’s book and read it, it just confirmed everything and I knew this was the one.

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>Two or three years ago I wouldn't have paid any attention to a thread like this, today I'm the one making it.

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I find it funny how the $81,000 meme has made it into chainlink canon

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crazy synchronicity just now
was driving home listening to some music on my trap playlist and this exact point in the song come on:
>listen closely
nice synchronicity and totally unintentional

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I’ve got stories from the IQC days that make more sense in this context now.
Something was fishy during my time there. Starting to make more sense now in light of this Epstein connection.
They really have their fingers in every pie, for fucks sake.

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>42 had a trip
That was a larp of my larp then
Anyone using the 42 name with a trip isn’t genuine. It only ever works as a name.

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Link 1000 EOY

Let us begin with this video that YouTube decided to take down for unknown reasons.


Here is the major pill thread. Make sure to save everything

Click the following and read everything


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All a coincidence.

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