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I'm holding out for $20 price discovery mania, but that's very dependent on BTC not shitting the bed again. We were so close at 18.5, we'll see. If MKR can do it, so can LINK

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>I just sold off all my linkies.
What part of "DR;NS" did you not understand?

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most of biz has 5k-100k link

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That was faster than i expected.
Already $7.90!!!!!

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I know people hate my chainlink bags.
Let them hate, I'm not going to engage into discussions and not going to spoonfeed every doubter why he has to buy chain link.
I encourage bagholders to never again respond to "gib me reason" faggots.

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Very thank you sir

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You don't understand how everything works.
While you can't live everyday without thinking about my chainlink wallet, team is moving forward, meetups, fireside chats, conferences, collaborations, endorsements and partnerships doesn't matter anymore, nothing matters anymore. ChainLink is accepted as a standard platform developer for oracles and smart contracts, digital signatures on blockchain. Nothing ever matters anymore. Chainlink won and OP is just an echo to fags like you, to remind you, you missed the cheap train.
You will buy chainlink at 17.50 dollars, it's a fact.

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MNE dust attack. Why? Can I cash out to buy more link?

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I'm here to remind you that I sold at 600 gwei the firs day airdrop happened.
Stay stinky. I bought 160 Chainlinks later.

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Thank God. Now I can finally jump on the linkie train.

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Is that fund porn star porn behind paywall?
because it's very strange biz autist isn't spamming webms of her porn videos everywhere.
very strange

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>Moar and moar.
Choose one side

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> tfw holding a nice chunk of linkies.
I didn't lose a thing nigga!! Fucking boomer I will be paying your grandchildren to lick my feet for a living in the up coming greater depression!!

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>muuh world economics crashed because patents
>I live in permanent depression because everyone pays royalties to everyone
>every single company crashed because patents.
Are you STUPID?
Did samsung failed because square patents?
No! Nor will chain link.
You are beyond stupid. Your post only proves, you were late to the train.

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I make the world go 'round, I make it squirm, I make it scream.
Clean and Pristine.
Sleek and Unique.
I dreamt a dream.
If I could never run or eat again, I'd be happy with my body.
If I could see people naked, I'd want them all to see me watching.
If I could make people happy, I'd do it right.
The moon and the sky, filled with rainbows and little ants, falling all over everyone, tangled up in their hair, and falling into their plaid shirts.

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Cute CGI pictures doesn't increase crypto asset price.

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Why do you care about my wallet?
there is absolutely not reason on this virtual world for you to care about my wallet.

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You are the person you described with your own post.
Your theme doesn't have anything to do with crypto or /biz/.
When will this /pol/faggot invasion end?
all you fags reply to this shit

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No. Everything except LINK is pretty much a shit buy. LINK is at its bottom right now.

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I will live off the staking returns of my LINK stack. No need to ever sell, no need to invest in jewish garbage like the stock market.

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