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13 waiting room

>$14.25 when you planning to buy back in?

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Finally sold LINK

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Are you prepping that BHLL?

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Imagine thinking this won't go from~$5 back to ATH of $100. What the fuck are you doing anon?

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Have more than £10k in crypto already, thinking about getting some stocks for 6 months+ term with £5k
Any suggestions? Travel?

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Any good stocks for mid term term hold?

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BHLL. Am I an idiot lads, no memeing frens

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I was on /his/ a few minutes ago having a great conversation when out of the blue the thread was nuked.

These things never happen on /biz/, our mods and jannies are very good, never nuking a thread for no reason,.

So I just wanted to thank our mods and jannies, keep up the good work. We might have some banter but we appreciate you.

Fuck /his/ mods and fuck /his/ jannies tho

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How do I get by the 250$ leafbux limit on coinbase. I wanna buy more link.

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no. i am actually really really retarded

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They're okay, I much prefer the Sunshine Mint rounds over them

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Anyone else think we are going to fence around the low 2Xs like we did the mid-high 1Xs

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Bought 20 dollars worth. See you at a dollar, or at least I'll have enough to cover the miners fee

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>Premarket open for /biz/. https://www.marketwatch.com/tools/screener/premarket

Where are you premarket anon? I was going to post something ridiculous, but this is much better fren


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My dad has a few big silver bars. They are like 10 years old and he hasn’t made much on them lol. But he likes to pull them out every now and then just for shits and giggles.

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I’ve lost like 25% of my portfolio with oil. Of course 3/4 of my portfolio IS OIL.

Our day will come fren. Then it will be a bright day for all

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Oh right. Because people in this economy are gonna go out and buy $70,000 electric car to replace their 1999 Toyota Corolla. What percentage of vehicles on the road do you imagine are 100% gasoline engines? If you guessed 99.94% you are a winner.

You imagine the oil companies and oil barrons are gonna take this shit and just bend over with high oil reserves? Lol. They will fucking light their oil on fire to create scarcity.

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What do you mean? The entire company looks legit. I see nothing but transparency from the Chinese government and every company they run.

I hope Stupid American pig Elon, can be more like glorious NIO.

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Well do what you want. I only warn you that borrowing money to gamble is a bad practice.

In theory it’s not so bad. You put down $100 and you could lose that plus another $200. It opens the door for bad habits.

>Hey I can just put down $1500 and I’m really likely to win!!!

It can really quickly spiral out of control. People kill themselves off of failed leverage plays. If you do it, make sure you are willing to lose the absolute maximum. Do you understand???

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I’m bullish on oil and gas mid to long term. But I’ve lost probably 25% of my stack because it’s mosrly oil. It’s up to you. I might make my money back in 10 days or it might be 10 months.

Don’t assume you will instantly make money.

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No sir

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This girl is too smug. I’m calling the police

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