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>I want everyone on /smg/ to know that you are my only friends, and I like you
Same, brother. If you ever head out east then try some Yeungling. It's my favorite cheap lager.

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thanks for the link

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ty frens

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fuck you pajeet, I am very comfy with my WAVES

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its fucking insane man, crypto used to be the wild west, now the stock market is absolute getting fucked and crypto is relatively stable

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I thought they are interconnected..

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>be me
>$50,000 USDC

I currently make a salary of 50,000 per year. I got lucky and turned $8000 into $51,000 in the past 2 months (AVAX + Zero.exchange)

What is a good move for a long term investor? I’m looking at the 10 year yield hitting 5 month highs of 1.4 and the DXY still falling but not by a tremendous amount.

I think we will see a correction atleast in the stock market of 10% or so relatively soon. Crypto seems much harder to predict. But I suspect we still have a 4-5 months or until we see 100k Bitcoin before the market corrects. (whichever comes 1st).

So I really like LINK. My question is should I buy now or wait until we see a correction?

I also like AVAX, but should I wait for the token unlock? LINK and AVAX seem like the dream team

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Here’s the link to WTFWT #2 if you want to listen to it frens.


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i will just give this one bump

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i’m actually a multi millionaire who larps as a poorfag and tells people crypto is a good investment

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Not interested in scams
Cuz its biz and you guys are my frens

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I bought 14oz of silver today.

Did I do good?

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I will dump around 6k into the protocol and don´t touch it for a year

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Hi /biz/. Today is my birthday, and I'd just like to take a moment and thank you for how good things have been, as I can mostly attribute it to this board.
Thanks to you, I was able to dip a toe into crypto by getting into XLM and GRT super cheap, and I've even managed to make some good money riding the Doge wave. I've made my first steps to making it, and (you) all helped me along the way.
Everyone gets a party bag, so come on in and discuss this year of /biz/ as it's been for you and your favourite alts.

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its you Theseus dev anon? I remember you from some other thread.

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>Tfw ADA maxi and my whole portfolio is staked in official Cardano wallet

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Hello /biz/

I'm fresh out of the infantry and am looking at going to school for finance. In preparation of taking the courses, however, I'd like to practice and get preliminary knowledge from one of the free finance courses on edx.org. Does anyone have experience with these free college courses? Or a recommendation?

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>counting someone else's money makes you angry
if you can't just be glad that someone made it, you don't deserve to make it either. good for him, I hope he cashes out at 9 figures

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i am a simple man, I don't understand stocks. I just play with green line on rabbihood

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congrats fren, enjoy your hard-earned gainz. surprised you managed to get it all done today with the trading halts and platform kikery taking place. glad you managed to scrape out a win and time shit right.

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I know xrp is legit, cause I talked about it with my dad. he used to be a banker in his hay day. when I started telling him about it he stopped me after like 5 minutes, said it was a smart investment. said he knows for a fact anyone working for a bank would love it. then I told him about the ledger and how CBDC's could be run on it. people who were involved with it. even told him about the lawsuit. after the convo he gave me 1k to buy xrp and hold it for him. may go to 0 but even he doesn't care. my boomer dad thinking it is a good idea increased the strength of my hands. I will ride or die with xrp. WAGMI

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hello frendos, was going to invest into NOK but i woke up to robinhood kikeing me again. any suggestions on a small stock i could pump 50 dollars into and make a little?

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