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/biz I need your advice and I apologize in advance for having to re-post this in the future to get some insight. I entered crypto in 2017, with approx 10K USD from my line of credit. I lost 80% of my portfolio over 5 times. I was a medical student back then and now I'm a resident physician working >100h/week. I worked extremely hard, alongside my studies, to build up my portfolio and now have ~700K USD. I do not want to cash out cause I don't need the money. I have a terribly busy life and I've never had a chance to learn about lending/borrowing and maximizing passive income. My plan is to 'tether' by the end of 2021 and just take passive income and re-enter crypto only if we see a massive >70% crash. I have a few years left in my residency training but my project income would be somewhere around 200-250K then hopefully 400K after a few years of practicing.

My question is, how do I maximize my passive income from USDC with minimum risk/hassle? Looks like depositing to AAVE gives me ~10% APY but I'm sure there are ways to maximize that. This is a genuine thread so I appreciate all your insightful comments.

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