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Staking on here is mega COMFY
Become a LP, ez LM gainz and fees from trades

>Inb4 losers say I can't pay gas, ngami

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$6 lounge

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Pretty sure it goes by amount of traders selling. 10000 people with 5 bancor who bought the top are selling, and 2 big dick whales buying. Too bad I bought so much silver earlier this year or I could have doubled my bnt stack.

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BNT good

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Brainlet explanation:


Big brain explanation:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbUqcbNqQ-Y [Embed]
#1 IL protection. Not as impactful during a bull market but larger stacks looking generate revenue from providing liquidity will obviously want IL protection when things settle down or go south for a while.

#2 Single sided staking. Wanna stay all-in on your token of choice and still provide liquidity? Bancor is your guy.

#3 Vortex. You get vBNT from staking your BNT that you can swap for different coins if you think they will outperform BNT, then swap a portion of the tokens back to vBNT to unlock your BNT stake when you want to.

#4 Massive growth in TVL, #1 pool for locked Chainlink. Marketcap hasn't gone up proportionately. Sitting around 350m while competitors with inferior tech and higher swap fees sit at 10-20x that.

#5 Working demo on arbitrum testnet with 50x lower gas/swap fees.

#6 EOS bridge up and running, actively building a Polkadot bridge

#7 Sweet sweet passive income with insane APY% (for now). Tons of linkwhales chilling in LPs.

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