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Why are you bandwagoning the obvious baker forum sliding. Just stop. No one cares. There is literally nothing to discuss about who’s baking what. This is an anonymous board and if you want to discuss baker roles or groupings go to your gay containment discord servers which I wouldn’t visit for my life.

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>dysgenic feminine hand
checks out

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oh anon i didn't mean those kinds of piss jugs, i just meant the ones you fill up and fire out the window while you're driving drunk around the park. i don't like your kind of piss jugs.

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Niggers haven't even figured out agriculture yet, how are they supposed to repair a starship?

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>In german cuisine only there are at least 20 well used dishes where you boil all kinds of meat
>Asians also do it a lot
you guys are fucking disgusting. it's a good thing we conquered you.

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why are there so many zoomers/indians in xsg?

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i do all of these

god help me

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This is actually fucking horrifying, but my god. LOOOO you can't pay in their own token OOOOLL

I took my corn off the literal NIGHT BEFORE they locked everyone out. I have a little survivors guilt now.

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>Thanks for all that you do Dave!
>Ignore the haters Dave!
>Keep up the good fight Dave!
>Glad to have you on our side Dave!

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i can't actually believe it's happening
i bought in but deep down i always thought this was just gonna fuck me over
but its really happening isnt it

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>tfw more female managers will lead to penis inspections during the interview process

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holy shit Vitalik's stand

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Smart anon. ETH is too weak recently. Couldn't even move with the others.

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traders are rejecting 50k.... Again.
When will this end, bros?

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>A few millimeters of facial bone is what's keeping you from having sex with beautiful women

T-thanks nature

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Are there seriously people in here who think the 2020 election was legitimate?

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>be brazilian
>country does not have a forex echange because of jews
>have to use binance and other exchanges and BTC as buffer between two fiat coins
please kill me

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