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Now for the pajama traders and Arabs to pump us into the weekend . We WILL close green tomorrow.

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I just got laid off yesterday
This is the best I've felt in months

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Looking good SPCE fren

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Buy 10 American Silver Eagles

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Wow what a green morning we got here!

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Sitting in my city penthouse with my commercial property portfolio full of 20 year guaranteed leases.

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Who here /comfynocoiner/?
The Ponzi is over guys, time to get a job

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Sergey is ok with his 500,000$. He doesn't think it will worth anything by the EOY. It was good scam, guys, but it's time to admit it.

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who here holding 100% USD /comfy/ for the holidays?

3 mil in the bank. Just watching cryptofools trying to time a bubble. Meanwhile my honest hard earned cash just accumulates steadily by value investing in real companies, real products that help real people.

Crypto is literally a scam to fleece dumb and unfortunate people out of money.

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digits confirm.

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have 932. comfy but not super comfy. Want 1000 so when it goes to 100 bucks ill be rich. well rich for me.

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moon on sight

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