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The chances of winning the powerball are 1: 292,201,338

292,201,338 x $2 = $564,402,676

For every $564M in tickets sold, there will be one winner on average.

For a lump sum payout of $830M, after taxes you would be taking home $364.5M

The point where it statistically "makes sense" to buy a powerball ticket is when the jackpot is around $1.3 Billion, of course none of this factors in split jackpots if 2 people chose the same winning number.

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>Recession fears drives down energy
>Biden brags about lowering gasoline prices
Does that mean he brags about a recession?

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is that a jay powell pepe?

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Debtors prison is about to make a come back

Insider outsider looking through a spyglass from Pluto, the supreme court is going to legalize debtors prison where you will smash rocks at a rate of $0.50 US pennies per hour to pay your debt, in return no interest on the principal for the first 15 years. After which you are realized to work in the lithium mines.

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what do you think about $font?

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>Even during the COVID crash, the Nasdaq didn't drop 1%+ four days in a row.

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>fellow goy

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thanks for the warning wrapped in encouragement anon

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lets look at our small portfolios. whats in yours? how much are you looking to have by q4? what do you think 6 figure heaven will be like? on a scale from 1-10 how happy are you that you are turning your life around?

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>Getting with like minded individuals

Flaws here, how much silver would be straight up dangerous to hold for risk reasons? Also who's to say the fed doesn't have some hugeass vaults of the shit to pay their own merc army to go around and shoot any pm holders?

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You've positively reinforced yourself to simultaneously enjoy the feeling of making money whilst other people lose it. That feeling is probably overriding your natural tendency to experience guilt. YIKES.

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interdasting ty fren

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Any suggestions?

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The joos are suppressing it.

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>Loves black D
man, she must have had a fucked up childhood. No offense.

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My grandfather died late last year and my family has been struggling to go through all of his old junk.
Unfortunately he was a silver stacker and my family doesn't understand how to sell such large amounts of metal while not getting ripped off (everyone has tried to rip them off so far and the silver remains unsold 6+ months after his death).
The other problem is that my grandfather kept track of his silver purchases and most of the stuff is barely worth more than what he paid for it 10+ years ago. All in all it has been a nightmare for all of us.

My grandfather also invested in Ethereum at $100 and asked me to manage that money for him.
I was able to sell his Ethereum for a huge gain and sent all the money to my family WITHIN 3 DAYS while paying minimal fees.
My family is only able to manage the legal fees and funeral costs because of the Ethereum that was sold.

This is just a reality check for you boomers who think you're doing your kids and grandkids a favor by filling up closets full of junk silver, you're not. You're creating a painful and difficult chore for your loved ones and after 20+ years we can see that these metals were a bad investment. They might go up temporarily during economic stress, but when accounting for inflation they've performed horribly. Plus, nearly every metals dealer is a shady boomer trying to nickel and dime everyone who walks through their shop door.

It's 2021. Buy Bitcoin and stop screwing around with archaic and inferior forms of money.

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give me your secret

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I don't think so. These guys aren't Anon.

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You'll be okay anon, at least you've only got a small amount in

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No. I'm not afraid of you spooky spooks. Now answer my question. Where did the money go?

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hows does one short AVAX?

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Are we really in a bull market? I've had more losses than wins.fml

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