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You will never remove my brap pics from my frens
They must enjoy, you must enjoy
Just imagine.... The smellz

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But Imagine the smellz

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Hello Sir---eh um , frens
I bring you offer today. I am locked out of Binance account, many months now. My 2FA authenticator no longer works after i have reset my PC multiple times. I have google accounts access but code no longer works.
What is easiest way to set it up again, with out emailing Chinaman 100 times and giving them facial ID.
In return, i will access you rare special edition brap posts.

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I'm trying to do the same .. with meth
It is literally like drinking a coffee for me now. In fact i can... and do sleep minutes after i do some if i need to. It still makes me hornier tho... so a cup of coffee that makes me horny. I'm rekt

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Temporary solution is gain constipation skill points OP.
Easy fix, just find out what you need to eat to shit less.

I shit once a week average, less wiping. Less mess to deal with comfy. For you, you'd have to smell your boiler shit once a week for like an hour. Sounds like a good deal, you're welcome

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pls respond

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