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bigly checked

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everything on sol is a scam what you should do is wait for the dip then buy that and just accept that have less than before and im saying that as someone who panic sold 500m apu at the bottom

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I will do my best

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Thanks, I have bought another 300.

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Flare is airdropping LTC holders. Not sure what the ratio is. Could be a great opportunity to accooomulate more FLR not to mention ride a nice LTC pump.

Yay or nay my fellow schizos?

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yknow, it's positively eery how often i hear that in these threads- but never heard it anywhere else on /biz/ or the crypto internet.

whatever's going on here, it's pretty interesting. i hope we get to hear the whole story someday. an interesting side effect: since i got into all this stuff, i've noticed that i have hope for the future again. the world is pretty fucked up at the moment, but i have the strangest intuition that it's going to work out, and i'm excited to play whatever part i can in that process.

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you will at least 100x this year gratz mein bruder

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.5-1$ conservatively with a top 10 market cap.
>Reef is the world's first cross-chain DeFi operating system

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It is that identification that is your undoing fren
That you are having these self reflections shows you are a good person deep down

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No thanks fren, I genuinely am just trying to provide a place for people to discuss reef. Any and all discussions are welcome here. Appreciate it though fren.

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Checked, its on you anon only you can make that choice. No shilling here.

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Go ahead link the picture of you selling at .041. You are somehow the easiest person to spot on an anonymous message board.

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Dear higher self, please guide me to make money. Please show me the way. Guide me to the shitcoins that will moon. Oh all knowing higher self bless with me with knowledge to attain riches beyond my imaginations.

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invest into actual long term projects and live the comfy life

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Psychedelics and meditation anon.
Ram Dass is terrific with his psychedelic background and some backing in Buddhism and understanding of the concepts but he was definitely more in a Bhakti hindu lineage with his guru. But amazing shit. Check out Experiments in Truth on YouTube. Big series he died earlier on that's greatHe had Neem Karoli Baba as his guru and then went into Vajrayana BuddhismLama Surya Das is really good for deeper Buddhism, dzogchrn, etcHe has a shitload of booksCutting Through Spiritual Materialism, Sacred Path of the Warrior are excellentThen there is also Chogyam trungpa for Buddhism, helped bring Tibetan Buddhism to the west as Tibet was being invadedAlso, Mind Beyond Death, Tibetan Book Of Living and Dying, Tibetan book of the dead are great places to start for books of Tibetan Buddhism/Vajrayana Buddhism

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holdin since .42

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because I have faith that I am one of God's elect and thus wealth will make it's way to me through the graph

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thank you for the comfort, fren.

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Dear god

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I suggest meditating to purge FOMO

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$3 EOY, even after additional coins are dropped.

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tell me about it...gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight.

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>it all seems pointless

because it is. The reason 'happiness and wealth' studies show 70k is the limit is because at that point you start to realize wealth has nothing to do with contentment. That its the result of inner realizations only.

Look up suicide rates, rich people with mental illness are FAR more likely to commit suicide than poor people with mental illness.

Nothing wrong with chasing wealth but don't be mindless like a dog. Does a dog have Buddha nature? Wu.

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