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Why are we up 525%? Oh tha right, trust the McPlan.

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McDonaldsCoin is a parody art project gamified token. The parody aspect of $MCDC invites participants to build on the McDonaldsCoin story through mixed media (images, video, written and spoken word). The story can take any turn the community decides, momentum of consensus on the narrative drives it. Active community participation keeps the story fresh and $MCDC relevant to current societal critique. The story determines how the game aspect evolves over time. The game aspect is unique to crypto in the way in operates. Through mechanisms such as NFT trading, game-specific token pairs and LPs; MCDC creates an environment that is not only amusing but also serves an education in high level crypto topics.

A reminder to everyone to Vote THUMBS UP on dextools so we get more visibility and improve our ratings!

We are all going to McMake it. I love you all.

Lets McGet it!

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You realize McTiaga never stops working? We will McMoon.

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You will all regret not buying MCDC one day. And I tried to tell you.

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Hey McLosers! Just wanted to let you know that MCDC is getting ready to McMoon. The McPlan is working.


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