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Can you tell gold from silver just by touching it? Or by its sound?
Asking for a blind friend.

Also, if someone doesn't see he is blind, if he doesn't hear he is deaf, but what if someone can't smell, is he smelly?

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We’re living on borrowed tendies

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This anon speaks the truth

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According to the Australian government, this makes you a pedophile

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If your secret is the best tendie dipping sauce known to man, yes.

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>3 years

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im finna order some tendies desu lad

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I think we are unironically going to crash the global economy

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>ten thousand

you are significantly underestimating the number of tards my guy

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>not even holding for a year to get those long term capital losses


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Unironically, I think there is a higher chance that on monday its going to be green asf but I wont buy due to personal reason.

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I bought AXTA in honor of William Byron winning that last NASCAR race is this a good strat?

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Math, unironically. And it will go much higher.

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Odds of $130+ at close are now 99.69%

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So I was retarded enough to FOMO in with 150 shares at $116 average, rate my strategy for monday /biz/:
>pray to god for a morning reddit pump
>sell when I break even
>buy up cheap puts
>sell puts and buy back in when price stabilizes
>still don't know what to do if it dumps straight away, maybe average down and buy a couple puts if it starts to crab around here, really don't want to buy high and sell low
I'm bullish longterm on GME but the squeeze evidence I've seen seems flimsy at best, I'm afraid it's going to dump right back down to double digits when the normies run out of money. I can't afford to hold such large bags. Rational replies only no squooze cultists pls.

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Now what?

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That really looked like a last short stand. Math checked out yesterday, no reason to think it won’t today. We /moon/ very soon the way I see it.

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All according to plan

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All the indices are about to go solid green and stay that way for days. GME/XRT will be confirmed /safe/ for the eventual Fed asset purchasing program BOJ style, and Melvin and Frens’ short positions will be btfo once and for all.

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buy WKHS calls

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>newfag to crypto
>have no idea wtf GRT is
>all the autists on /biz/ talking about this GRT shit and LINK shit and its in everyones blockfolio screenshot
>bought some LINK simply because i like the name and logo better

Should I unironically buy GRT if it hits $2?

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CTRM breaking out of downtrend today and Petros bought another ship. Grats to the longs lurking. Once we arent being held down this baby is gonna fly.

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Do you think .03 by the end of the week is possible? Im not buying .01 these fudders/pajeets are saying.

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