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evening, lad

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Explain why everything literally everything crashed then fren. Elites especially celebrities have run out of bargaining chips and they're desperate. This is an incredible undertaking much bigger than dealing with the mob but very similar since they're powerful and can infiltrate existing centers of power. Also they control the media. They are the story tellers and what they say is believed.
If he is /ourguy/ then we should trust the plan but continue to spread the word. Link is in an excellent position if adoption happens. Under the guise of deadly viruses especially even boomers could see the logic. It changes some of their customs like handshakes and looking someone in the eye but maybe someone will make a vr boomer simulation.

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Frens I realize this is a dark time for us but remember that we're all in this together.

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Interesting I've made 30 grand today which is great, but even though I'm just profiting off mass chaos and suffering I still wan the world to be a better place. You're not exactly "winning" if you are a millionaire stuck in Hell.

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>teach them to use the same filenames and to adopt your writing styles and it might be fun
I can only teach a willing student
they can learn from my example and adopt it or they can choose to adopt their own style, no skin off my back
I make no claim on "42" and anyone attempting to do so is automatically a pharisee, remember that

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>Craig stay away from the drugs
it's sound advice
don't mess with psychedelics unless you understand the implications
people say that when you trip it's all just fake
but when you study it further you realize it's all real lol
sometimes the visions people see leave them with troubling implications

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