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Oil is not stored in warehouses you can slap up quickly you fucking moron. Storage of oil needs refining and storage hubs that is expensive as fuck, takes time to build and need locations in strategic routes. The storage cost has also risen 50% and 100% recently and most facilities are nearing maximum capacity. Also heavy and light crude cannot be stored together, jet and gasoline deteriorate when they are stored. Eventually it's going to reach a point where storage capacity is reached and/or it becomes cheaper to dump at whatever prices you get. Buying oil now is completely retarded. Hur dur...it's an all time low.

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So you're from 2030 when toilet paper is $10 per roll

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digits thead. its happening. chainlink $0 EOY

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100,000 Doge to pack that fridge. I'd eat her ass while she grazes.

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>They gave all the coins away for free

By what logic is giving away all your coins worse than the development team / foundation keeping 60%-90% of the supply like with Ripple, Stellar, Ontology, every ERC-20 token, etc.

Giving away everything for free will tank prices to kingdom come when original recipients dump for free money. But that given enough time and enough dumps, natural distribution will happen. As opposed to single entities keeping 60-90% of the supply means the value is always artifically inflated, the majority of the supply is in control of a few and you are always at the risk of huge incoming dumps.

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This shitcoin never even mooned.

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The struggle is real

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