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I imagine gold miners will be doing well in the next 2-3 years when the stock market crashes. What are good ETFs (available in the UK ideally) that will be give good exposure without retarded fees?

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Now that our president has stepped in and put all this gamer coin sillyness to bed do any fellow adults want to talk about real investments?

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I've seen a recent rise in gold shills. I'm open minded to the idea of trusting gold, but here is a major problem that I see:

When the Jews first started banking with gold reserves backing paper money, they outright lied about how much hold they had in their safe. Then they made massive amounts of money by making loans saying that the loans are backed by gold and then making money from interest.

The fact that banks can just lie about how much gold they have makes gold unappealing to me. As you may know, recently Venezuela demanded to retreive all of their money stored in European banks and asked that they receive it in the form of gold. The banks refused and then USA started their coup attempts. This makes me raise an eyebrow.

Every bank/gold seller can simply lie about how much gold they have and they can get away with it because if you want to see the gold the USA will invade your ass and kill you. WHen you buy gold you are buying pure faith.

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The better investment is not investing in crypto like some mouth breathing retard. Gold is where the real money will always be. When the EMPs hit everyone will want real tangible stuff. Get your billions from gold bullion.

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Before my grandpa died, he told me that when he was a kid in 1945, while germans were leaving our country because of russians, he saw a group of germans with big treasures full of gold bars and valuables. They dig a big holes and put them there so russians cannot find them and that they would return in a future for them. But it never happened. And my grandpa was the only one who saw them. Now I am the one who knows that. He told me that he is 100% sure that it is still there. The thing is that it is right next to church, which is public and that land is city property. I would have to pay more than 1 000 000$. Now what do ?

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I have 70 grams 14-karat gold chain laying around and need to sell it for some cash, all places that are willing to buy it out from me are lowballing me with bullshit like 25% commission etc.

Is it safe to sell it online to someone? If yes how should I do it.

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I’m thankful I out my savings in gold rather than Bitcoin. Imagine buying Bitcoin at 4k, only to see it vaporize in front of your eyes, as the manipulators cash out of the scam.

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I have secured my savings in gold. Feels knowing it won’t turn useless like shitcoins and fiat.

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>infinite supply

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cyptocurrency has no gold behind it, it has no value

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