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>"There has to be regulation. This has to be applied and agreed upon ... at a global level because if there is an escape that escape will be used.”
>Zuck planning to launch Diem into the cryposphere this year
>Tether drowning in litigation
>Bitrex and a number of other exchanges delisting anything with privacy features even if they don't do anything

You can't even call it fud anymore. This shit is literally writing itself out on the fucking wall.

Pages 39-49 of the DNC's platform outlined their strategy for disarming the American people by fining firearm manufacturers every time someone commits a crime with their guns. US senate bill 5054 is going to destroy porn by ruining anything that doesn't have verified models that have a public record of consent to participate in porn, including animated porn. District of Columbia enacted Act A23-0532 which allows schools to vaccinate children against the wishes of their parents and requires insurance companies not to have any record of it.

The future is the all-digital Zuckerbank which has the authority to ban you from money if you criticize the wrong person and make the term "lease on life" a material reality. Unsanctioned digital currency will be strangled out of existence.

I used to think Sam Hyde's claim about state enforced homosexuality was comedy. I'm not laughing anymore, because literally ANYTHING is possible, as long as it's bad.

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