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I am one of those idiots like your dad.

>Have like $1.9mm in equities mainly (80/20 bonds).
>Convinced that Coronachan is going to fuck everything up but never get around to liquidating positions because I was working like mad and kind of wish-thinking it away.
>Lost $600k at peak losses. Like in a week.
>Still didn't sell because my job is very secure and I have signed contracts for my services for the next 2 years guaranteed by cash rich companies (Salesforce)

Yeah, if I knew then what I know now blah blah blah I'd be worth $10m.

I just remember reading the very detailed Fidelity study on who were the best amateur traders and investors over a 15 year period based on actual data, and they were almost ALL dead people or inactive accounts. I've really taken it to heart.

Never forget that procrastination and inattention are still some of the best skills in an investors toolbox!

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